Luxury watches are meant to last a life-time, but in order to do that they require a routine overhaul service.
Mechanical watches are made up of hundreds of tiny parts, many of which are in constant motion. Because of this, they're subject to wear and tear. But with regular and proper care, your Swiss timepiece will always be in a good shape.
Even if the watch seems to work perfectly, it should be serviced every 3 to 5 years. This is because lubricants that prevent parts-friction and possible damage to fragile inner components break down over time and need replacing.

When servicing a mechanical watch, our watchmakers perform a series of checks to make sure your watch returns to you in an optimal condition.

• Check the case and the bracelet or strap condition.
• Detach the bracelet, open the case and remove the stem, crown, seals and movement.
• Reset the stem and crown and check the winding mechanism.
• Examine the working of the hands, calendar functions and rotor (if fitted).
• Inspect and adjust the escapement.
• Fully disassemble the watch case and inspect the movement and component parts.
• Replace any worn or damaged parts.
• Clean all parts in specialist chemical baths using automated cleaning machines.
• Reassemble the movement, checking and making fine adjustments to maintain a perfect mechanical status.
• Lubricate the movement if using 4/5 fine oils and greases, and double check the escapement.
• De-magnetize, regulate and check the timing of the movement to brand standards using specialist Swiss timing equipment.
• Refit the dial and hands, and clean the case and bracelet using ultrasound technology.
• Replace case seals where necessary and restore the movement to the case.
• Double check timekeeping and adjust where required using timing equipment.
• Using special water resistance machines, we give our certification of the resistance level if required.
• Once we've completed these steps, we test the watch on a wrist simulator for between 24 to 48 hrs. depending on the reserve power of the watch, to ensure the mechanism is working perfectly.

In our own highly specialized and well equipped workshop, the valuable mechanical watches are repaired and restored by Master watchmakers (over 30 years of experience) with utmost care. Also the hardest cases are solved with efficency.