Rolex x Mickey Mouse: the new generations of dials

In these days, so many dials are showing up on Chrono24 pages or around the internet. 
Colored dials, zircons in the hours minutes, dials with Disney characters, with Snoopy and many more.

One of the most famous Mickey Mouse dial for Rolex around is this one:
Rolex Mickey Mouse dial

Should we consider this dial as original Rolex?
The only place that Disney has ever sold "authentic" Mickey watches is through an Authorized Disney outlet, so you would not find one in a Rolex catalog.

Regarding the Rolex dials no one knows if there has been a deal during the years: we can't answer yes, but can't say no either.

Some people believe there was a "Hand shake" behind the scene deal between the two, but nothing was ever done in writing.

dial Rolex Mickey Mouse disney

However, many dealers are producing these dials for all the Mickey Mouse fan, selling then as aftermarket dials (so original dials that have been "reprinted").
They are fun, gives an eccentric vibes to Rolex most classic pieces without let them lose that "vintage" vibe. A really interesting niche of new dials that has arise recently, especially with the youngest generations of Rolex's affectionates. 

Here our collection!

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