Top 3 exclusive and bizarre Cartier models

top 3 exclusive and bizarre cartier models

We all know that Cartier doesn't back down when it's about creativity and exuberance. The history of this Swiss brand is filled with many incredible watches, often in unique shapes.
Some are very well known and loved around the world (the Tank, the Pasha and many more), while others were acclaimed with amazement and some sort of suspicion. Some of thse underdogs watches are nowadays so rare that they hardly ever come up for sale.

Today we want to talk about our top 3 of Cartier's most bizarre and odd models.

Number 1: The CARTIER CRASH 

Cartier Crash

The first watch is one of the most "discussed" in the last period, the iconic Cartier Crash. Thanks to the peculiar and fascinating asymmetrical case, the Crash Watch is famous and unique also for the few examples produced, which make one of the most wanted Cartier watches around.

There are more stories about the origin of the design: Francesca Brickell in her book "The Cartiers" says that it was an extravagant creation born from the collaboration between Jean-Jaques Cartier and head design Rupert Emmerson.
Another version of the story is that Jean-Jaques saw a car accident on his way to work and wondered what could have happened to a normal Bagnoire watch that had suffered such a bump, so he asked Emmerson to draw a drawing of it. 

cartier crash auctioned

The original model is extremely hard to find and really expensive: just imagine that in Dicember 2021 a very rare 1991 Crash watch in platinum by Cartier London, made in platinum, was auctioned by Pandolfini for € 861,500 (the buyer wanted to remain anonymous).
However, Cartier reissued a limited edition version in 2015.

We are sure we will see a lot of new or pre-owned Cartier Crash watches now that this model has also been spotted at the wrists of stars as Jay-Z, Kanye West and Tyler the Creator. 



Cartier Tank Basculante

This piece debuted firstly in the early '30s, however Cartier decided to re-issue it during the boom of the JLC Reverso: both of them fold into thier case for protection. 
Cartier didn't give up on the usual cabochon sapphire (typical of the Tank model) that you can usually find in the can notice it in the case at 12:00.

Cartier built a lovely movement for the Tank Basculante. It is referred to as the 050 caliber, but it’s actually based on a Piguet movement big just over 2mm: this make the case thickness around 5.8mm, unbelievable thin.




Cartier made many special watches during the years, but the Tank à Guichets is the only watch that is so very different from any other watch in Cartier’s collection, past and present – and that for more than 90 years.

The Tank à Guichets, launched in 1928, was produced in very little quantities, but it still managed to become famous thanks to Duke Ellington that wore it for many years.
The windows of this watch's case are rather small, and for the rest, the dial is covered. This gives it a very unique and masculine appearance.

The Tank à Guichets made a brief comeback in 1997 when Cartier included it in its line-up to celebrate its 150th anniversary with a ruby set in the crown, instead of the typical sapphire.
It was followed in 2005 by another limited edition of only 100 pieces.
A very rare and mysterious piece!

These were our top 3, which one did you like the most?
What could be your possible top 3? Let us known in the comment section!

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